Masterclasses for live digital theatre

Masterclasses for live digital theatre

After the incredible success of three live online digital shows, one of the best outcomes has been the wave of new friends, collaborators, potential partners and other theatre makers from all over the world with the appetite to get their productions underway. We’ve been inundated with emails and questions about how it works, for actors, for tech, for props, for backgrounds.. all the elements that we’ve learned so quickly by putting out these shows. And it has been one hell of a steep learning curve!!

Learning Curves

From the early days of The Tempest through Operation Elsewhere to The Machine Stops we have learned so much and been able to really exploit the functionality of the Zoom platform and elevate each production to the next level. Now, we’re looking outside the platform for external ways to do all the things we want to – but any digital format will be limiting for a theatre maker! But we push it!

To respond to the appetite for digital theatre know-how, Big Telly is so excited to be delivering its first Masterclass on 16 June with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

What is a masterclass?

We’ll be exploring using zoom to tell stories and make theatre, the workshop will be a mix of demonstrations by professional actors and ensemble participation. The students and staff will be working with and free to interrogate two actors, the director and the ‘zoom wizard’ about the opportunities and challenges of making work on zoom, using a mixture of text and improvisation. It’ll be lots of fun! Green screens an advantage but not essential.

Keep making!

Hopefully, it will be the first masterclass of many. We are so delighted to be sharing what we know, where we’ve fallen down, and where we think we can go with this, with the whole theatre sector. Because the success we’ve had (and the many challenges) can help others to take those steps into the live digital world and keep creating, keep making and keep telling stories. That’s what matters most right now.

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The cast tell you what it’s like.

And .. if you want to hear from the cast of The Machine Stops about what it feels like to make a Zoom show, they tell you right here

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